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We are the School Council. We meet every week to discuss what is working well in school and what we can do to improve it. We seek the views of the children in our class and discuss their ideas in our meetings. We run a tuck shop twice a week where we sell toast to the children at playtimes. We use the money we raise to buy things for school that we think will improve it.



                                        1 YEAR 1 COUNCILLOR
                                        2 YEAR 1 COUNCILLOR
                                        3 YEAR 2 COUNCILLOR
                                        4 YEAR 2 COUNCILLOR
                                        5 YEAR 3 COUNCILLOR
                                        6 YEAR 3 COUNCILLOR
                                        7 YEAR 4 COUNCILLOR
                                        8 YEAR 4 COUNCILLOR
                                        9 YEAR 5 COUNCILLOR
                                        10 YEAR 5 COUNCILLOR
                                        11 YEAR 6 COUNCILLOR
                                        12 YEAR 6 COUNCILLOR