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Phonics, Spelling and Grammar

All the children in school have a 20 minute daily phonics / spelling and grammar lesson. The children are placed into groups that promote learning for their next stage of development, this means that some children may be learning alongside children from another class. All the adults in school have their own group, we have 15 groups in total. We use 'Letters and Sounds' to scaffold the childrens' learning in phonics (mainly for children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One) and we use 'Support for Spelling' to scaffold the childrens' spelling development . 



Every week all the children have a handwriting lesson, this is often practical where the children are given the opportunity to practice their letter formation or cursive writing. We use a scheme called 'Penpals' to scaffold the childrens' development in handwriting. 



The children read with their teacher every week during their guided reading lesson, the session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. The teacher plans focussed reading activities for every group during this session. We use 'Rigby Star', 'Rigby Phonics' and 'Navigators' during these lessons. All the children have a home reading book too , we use 'Oxford Reading Tree' for home reading. We have a school library that is used by all the children in school. The school librarians work with a class every day and help them to log their books in and out of the library, this is an electronic system whereby the children scan their books.  


We promote a love of reading by creating exciting, themed reading areas that are linked to the children's topics.