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Planet Protectors

We are the Planet Protectors: we work hard to improve our school environment. Ms Sutton-Horn helps us to think of new ideas and projects. We share our ideas with the rest of the children in the school and sometimes we launch competitions. 


Meet the team...

Our achievements 2021-2022
*We arranged for the year 6 children to go on a local litter pick.

*We created a wonderful vegetable garden in our school.

*We promoted the walk to school week throughout school.

*We planted new trees in our school grounds to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. 

*The school joined up with other schools in the area and the local council to create a community group. 

Our priorities for 2022-2023

*We are planning  to recycle plastic in school and reduce the use of single use plastic

*We plan to extend the local litter pick so that it includes all the children in school on Don't Trash Oldham day. 

*We will again plan a "Walk to School Week" in the summer term.

*We are going to be involved in "Plant your pants" 

*We will continue to sow and grow our own vegetables. 


Watch this space to see what other ideas your eco- councillors can think of!