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Evolution, Adaptation & Inheritance


We began our new Science topic by researching the fossils of different dinosaurs and trying to match the skeletons with the creatures. It made for an interesting debate at the end!



Recently, we were commissioned by the Lloyd George government to make periscopes for the troops in the trenches. Happily, this coincided with our Light topic in Science.

Litter Picking


As requested by our Planet Protectors, Year 6 carried out a litter pick of the local area just before half-term. Amazingly, the area we were meant to clean up was spotless so we used our collective initiative and gave Valley Rise a bit of a tidy up. Everyone was sensible and we had some favourable comments from the local residents!

Paper-Bridge Design Competition


We had six pieces of paper and some Sellotape. The challenge was to build a bridge that spanned 30 centimetres and held the greatest mass. The winning design held over 1.7 kilograms!

Science & Causal Relationships


This term's topic is Electricity. We are learning about causal relationships as part of this. Before starting our topic, we did some simple paper experiments to help us understand what a causal relationship is.


"The larger the plane, the greater the distance it flies" or

"The smaller the plane, the shorter the distance it flies


"The larger the parachute, the longer it takes to drop" or

"The smaller the parachute, the quicker it drops



Science (Electricity Topic)


"The more bulbs you add to the circuit, the dimmer the bulbs."