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Enrichment Day


English Enrichment Day 2.3.23


We learned about the history of plastic and discussed its uses advantages as well as the harm it is doing to the planet. We considered what life would be like without plastic. We concluded that plastic certainly has its uses but that we need to think much more carefully about how we use it and how much of it we use. Our activities included a plastic clean up of the Wildlife Garden, some (dramatic) drama and some excellent web-bases articles about The Plastic Ban of 2050.



Music Enrichment Day 18.11.22


We studied the life of Beethoven and focused on Wellington's Victory March. We learned that Beethoven "sampled" some well-known pieces of music in that piece and also looked at modern composers who did the same with Beethoven's music such as Alicia Keys and The Beatles.


After that, we wrote our own songs and sampled some well-known songs ourselves. You can listen to the music below. Some of us used obvious samples; others wanted their samples to be a bit more hidden in the music.



Happy Bday.mp3

Space Jam.mp3

Symphony de Licence.mp3

The Amazing Alphabet.mp3

The Black Symphony.mp3

The Christmas Symphony.mp3

The Farm Symphony.mp3

The Farmers Symphony.mp3

The Night Symphony.mp3

The Ninth Symphony.mp3

The Rudolph Symphony.mp3

The Spider Symphony.mp3

The Star Symphony.mp3