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Please have a go at the three origami activities in your pack. Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture.

The activities are the Simple Origami Easter Bunny Paper Craft, Origami Easter Egg and the Easter Carrot. Please follow the instructions provided. 

I had a go at the activities myself. You can see from the pictures below how successful I wassurprise. Whoever named these tasks ‘simple’, clearly doesn’t know how tricky it is to fold paper. I hope you have better luck. Anyone who manages to complete the egg successfully, will get 20 team points. 
If you have enjoyed these origami tasks and wish to extend your knowledge of origami, here is a website filled with ideas. Enjoy.

Well done for completing another week of your home learning. I hope it's all going well. Remember, please don't spend ANY time worrying about these tasks. If you need any help, just ask your adult to email the address provided. Maybe not about the origami though...wink. I think I'll keep working on my origami skills. 

Have a great weekend.

Keep safe.