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Glorious Food

Design and Technology

We will be exploring food origins. We will be tasting local dishes from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We will then have a go at making some of these dishes. Finally, we will evaluate the food using our senses. 



We will investigate how Arcimboldo created images using food. We will then use printing. cutting and sculpting to techniques to explore the style of this artist. 



We will collect data about favourite foods and then represent this using a pictogram.



We will observe the growth of vegetables we have planted. We will be identifying plants and trees in our area. We will carry out our own experiments based on questions we have about plants. 


The Great Fire of London


In History we will be using a variety of sources to explore the causes of the Great Fire of London and the impact of the event. 



In Geography we will be looking at our local area. We will be looking at the human and physical geographical features in Shaw. We will also be looking at the different types of houses in Shaw (bungalows, semi-detached, detached, terraced, flats) and what we could do to help improve our area.


Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we will be looking at structures. We will be exploring how materials can be joined to create structures. Finally, we will use all of our research to design and make our own model houses.