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Following on from yesterday, we are scientists again today - this time with a science experiment relating to sinking and floating.

You will need:

  •  an egg
  •  a tub of water
  •  some salt



Can you an egg into a bowl of water?

Think of an hypothesis - what do you think will happen?

Will the egg sink or float? 

Why do you think that?

What were the results of your experiment?


Repeat the experiment.

This time stir 1 spoonful of salt into the bowl of water.

What hypothesis can you come up with this time?

Add the egg and see what happens.

What are your results?

How many spoonfuls of salt did you add to make the egg float?

What else could you add to the water to make the egg float?

Why do you think the egg is floating?


Picture 1
Picture 2