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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and to mark this for the first two days of topic learning this week we are going to focus on mindfulness. In these unusual times it is more important than ever for us to focus on our wellbeing. Please take this opportunity to talk to your child about how they are feeling.


How do they feel at the moment?

What makes them feel happy?

What makes them feel sad?

What are they missing most?

What are they most looking forward to doing in the future?

What is the best thing about being at home a lot?

What is the worst thing about being at home more?



Please ask your chid to make a drawing of everything that is inside their mind at the moment using lots of colours to make it bright and colourful. What things are they thinking about? Can they draw pictures of their feelings? Their ideas? What pictures are in their mind? Ask them to take their time on their picture and use the colouring as a calming mindfulness exercise.

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