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Today I would like you to cast your mind back to the learning we have done on food chains. To help refresh your memory, please watch the video and play the game on the link below.

Then I would like you to listen to the Learn Screen and play the game on Education City. They are titled 'Science 20.5.20'.


Now using your knowledge from yesterday about the Camargue and your amazing knowledge of food chains, I would like you to create 3 different food chains involving the wildlife found in the Camargue. You can do this in your exercise book or if you prefer, you could type it up. You could create a food chain for pink flamingos, Camargue horses, tree frogs, Camargue bulls or any other wildlife that lives there. You may wish to do some further research on these living things to find out where they are in their food chain. I would like you to identify the producers, predators and prey within the food chain.

If you wish to email in your food chains, please dolaugh