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Today we will continue to explore weather.

What is the weather like today?

How much rain have you collected in your rain gauge?


Today we will be making a windsock. A windsock is an instrument used to measure wind direction. Follow the instructions below to make your very own! An adult will need to help you when using scissors. 

  1. Decorate a sheet of paper or card. 


      2. Roll it up and glue/tape it to make a tube.


  3. Cut pieces of paper/tissue paper into strips.


   4. Glue or tape the strips to the inside edge of your tube.


5. Tape string to the top of the tube to make a hook.





 6. Hang your windsock outside. Make sure to bring it inside when it rains. 

Which way is the wind blowing? 

Do you think it will be more or less windy tomorrow? Check your windsock tomorrow to find out.