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At school, we have learnt how to say 'I love' and 'I hate' in French as well as the names for French animals and colours. Use the vocabulary that you know to write a sentence to match each of the pictures from the activity below in your exercise book.



J'adore - I love

Je deteste - I hate

Je voudrais - I would like

Mais - but


For any of the vocabulary that you don't know, use the link to Google Translate below to help you.

Picture 1


J'adore les chats mais je voudrais un hippopotame.

I love cats but I would like a hippopotamus. 


I would like you to also do some coding. Below are some instructions on how to log in. It is exactly the same as when we are at school but I understand that was forever ago and you may have forgotten. If you have forgotten your secret image, email in and I'll remind you of it. 

The 6 letter section code is LPGFFV

Now you are all on different sections of the express course so today I would like you to complete one lesson, whichever lesson you are up to. For example, if I am part way through 'Lesson 2: Programming with Angry Birds', I will finish that lesson today.

Instructions for how to log on.

Instructions for how to log on. 1
Instructions for how to log on. 2
Instructions for how to log on. 3
Instructions for how to log on. 4