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Today I would like you to draw on your knowledge of the Roman gods and goddesses. I would like you to make some Top Trump style cards and then use them to play a game. Below are some examples of the cards you can make. You can use the paper from your exercise book if you don't have any spare plain paper. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

I would like you to research the Roman god/goddess on each card using the internet and the information below. You can then decide on an appropriate score (out of 10) for each category. You need to be able to explain the key facts about that god/goddess and why they deserve the scores you have given them.


Once you have made some cards, you can play the game.

Picture 1
I think I've done it... I've found THE GREATEST song ever...  Look out for it being Number 1 in the charts. Click the link below and have a listen for yourself. You could have it playing in the background as you play your game smiley.