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Tuesday 31st March 2020 - Topic Learning


Today I would like to challenge your child to test their construction skills by building a 'den' out of anything they have at home eg. bedding, sheets, towels, cushions etc. I would like them to imagine it is a habitat for one of the animals they researched at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday - can they climb inside and pretend to be the animal? Has their habitat got everything they need to survive? (food, water, shelter, protection, other animal friends). Please ask your child to use their imagination to create a role play game using their animal and den to support their ideas.


*A bit of fun* Would you like to see a virtual reality animal in your living room? If you have access to an iphone - go on Google and search for the word 'lion'. Scroll down and select 'view in 3d'. The animal should appear in front of you! It works for a few different animals (lion, tiger, bear, goat, hedgehog, penguin, panda). Can your child make the animal look like it's living in their den? 



Picture 1 Here's our panda enjoying the garden this morning!