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Baptism is an important ritual for Christians. It is the time when someone is welcomed into the Christian faith. The ceremony usually involves pouring some water over the person, or sometimes the person gets completely immersed in water. The water is a symbol of God's forgiveness and that the person being baptised is starting their life as a Christian. When a baby is baptised sometimes the parents will ask friends or relatives to act as Godparents, who promise to help the child follow Jesus and his teachings and to become a good Christian. There will be candles to symbolise the light of Jesus Christ. The priest or minister will make the sign of the cross on the forehead of the person being baptised. This symbolises that the person has become part of the Christian faith. Some Christian groups baptise babies soon after they are born; other groups prefer to wait until a person is old enough to understand the commitment they are making.

In your exercise book, design a gift for a Christian being baptised. Don’t forget, your gift should be something that can help the person remember their baptism or be useful for their journey of faith.

Then, write at least two sentences to explain your gift.