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Statement of Principles

Rushcroft Primary School Governors Statement of Principles
Behaviour and Discipline. July 2016


Governors Statement of Principles – Behaviour and Discipline.

Under the Education and Inspections Act, 2006, the governing body is charged with the duty to set the framework of the school's policy by providing a written statement of general principles relating to behaviour and discipline, taking into account the needs of all pupils. Before providing the statement below the governing body has consulted the Head, staff, parents of pupils and the pupils themselves and will be reviewed regularly.

The purpose of this statement is to give guidance to the head in drawing up the behaviour and discipline policy by stating the principles which governors expect to be followed. The policy aims to underpin the governors’ duty of care to pupils and employees; promote teaching and learning and high standards of attainment and preserve the reputation of the school. The policy is available upon request from the school and can be found on the school’s web site. Both the statement and the policy will be reviewed as part of the regular cycle operated by the governing body.

School Ethos

We value good relationships at all levels within our school. Good relationships mean that we are always willing to listen to each other and we will try to understand other people’s opinions. This level of mutual respect throughout the school encourages good behaviour. Our policy is based on our belief in, and respect for, the value and contribution of all members of our community and their right to succeed. We recognise and particularly value the contribution made by parents.


We believe that each member of our community should be treated with equal respect and given equal opportunities regardless of race, gender, age, sexuality, religion or disability. They have the right to feel secure and happy and share the responsibility to make sure that these are the experiences of all members of our community. We expect our pupils to develop high moral standards.


Statement in practice

We recognise that for some pupils maintaining good behaviour and developing positive relationships with peers or staff can be challenging. Our school supports all pupils with such needs and is committed to providing a consistent and monitored approach (e.g. Positive Behaviour Policy, Behaviour Plans etc) to help them make progress both academically and socially. Advice, support and training is sought when needed e.g. Educational Psychologists, Qest team, Jigsaw Outreach Programme, to ensure that appropriate provision is available for all pupils and staff.


The governors firmly believe that the best way to ensure high standards of discipline is to recognise achievement and celebrate success. However it is also recognised that on occasions sanctions are necessary to demonstrate that misbehaviour is not acceptable; to express the disapproval of the school community and to deter other pupils from similar behaviour. It is recognised that the application of rewards and sanctions must have regard to the individual situation and individual pupil and the head is expected to use his / her discretion in their use