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Today I would like you to complete Chapter 8, Lesson 3 (pages 8-10) in your textbooks. Once you have read and worked through these pages, please complete worksheet 3 (pages 5-6).


How did you get on with your challenge yesterday? Quick, what's 12 x 9? wink


Wednesday's Challenge

If this is your first time logging on to Times Table Rock Stars (, please complete the 'gig' questions before you move on to anything else. This is like a mini assessment and I can see how you are getting on. You don't have to answer all the questions in one go. You can do some 'gig' questions, have a break and then come back to it. 

If you have already finished the 'gig' questions, have a go at Times Table Rock Stars 'studio'.

Remember, the more questions you answer, the more money you make to spend on your rock star! 


Rock On Hamiltons laugh!


Please remember to just try your best and if you are unsure about any of the learning, please get in touch! If you have any trouble logging on to either Education City or Times Table Rockstars, please email.