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We are going to be looking at word problem today and tomorrow and I have attached our lesson presentation on RUCSAC.  Can you remember the process? Teach you adult how to use this to help solve number problems.


R - Read

U - Underline the important information.

C - Circle the numbers

S - Select the calculations needed + - x 

A - Answer the question

C - Check once more.


Today I would like you to read through the textbook pages 2 to 4.  Then complete pages 1 to 4 in your workbooks.


Challenge - Can you answer the following question.

A tracksuit top cost £12.75 and the matching bottoms cost £9.50.  How much does the tracksuit cost altogether?

Solving word problems with money

Suitable for 7-8s. Abi needs a new guitar but it costs £300. She takes up chores around the house and babysitting for a neighbour - but how long will it take...