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For the rest of the week in maths we are going to start look at halving and sharing. In Reception one of the early learning goals states that children should be able to solve problems such as halving and sharing by the end of the year.


Halving in early years takes the form of sharing objects equally into two groups. I encourage children to say 'one for you' 'one for you' as they practically move objects to split them equally into two groups.


Below is a challenge for you to share with your child. Can they discuss ideas with you on how they might make sure both bears have an equal amount of gifts. Talk to them about what the word equal means. They could gather up a few small toys from their bedroom to use as 'gifts' to share practically.


If Ted has 2 gifts and Ned has 3 gifts is it equal? How can we make it the same?

If Ted has 4 gifts and Ned has 4 gifts is it equal?


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