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In the same way we can use subtraction (take away) to find 1 less than we can also use it to find 2 less than, 3 less than or even more.


For example

If Mary has 5 cakes and she gives Ben one of her cakes we can write it like this


5 - 1 = 4 (Five take away one equals four)

Can you show this calculation using small toys or counters?


What if Mary wants to give away 2 of her cakes instead? Well that is easy too - we can write it like this

5 - 2 = 3 (Five take away two equals three)

Can your child show this calculation using toys too?


Please ask your child to explore the idea of simple subtraction (numbers under 10) with small objects they might have around the house. Please encourage them to use the vocabuary of 'subtract' 'take away' and 'equals'. Below are some ideas of little fun games you can play together.

Picture 1