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Moving on from our learning about finding '1 less' in maths last week I would like to develop that understanding of subtraction even further this week.


Firstly, please recap what your child knows about finding '1 less' from last week. Maybe they could use some small objects found around the house to show you how to find one less than. Can they remember how to use a number track to find '1 less than'?


Today I would like them to have a practise writing the number calculation for '1 less than' challenges. These are the two special mathematical symbols we need for a subtraction calculation.


- (take away)

= (equals)


We already know a hand action for the equals sign (two arms held up parallel in front of you - ask your child to show you!) Can your child think of a hand signal to show a take away sign?


Can they use their small objects to work out the answer for these '1 less' calculations?


5 - 1 =

3 - 1 =

6 - 1 =

8 - 1 =

10 - 1 =