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Finding '1 less than' using a number track.


A number track is basically a string of numbers written in the correct order. In Reception we use number tracks 0-10 or 0-20 for lots of different things - to help us count, to help us form numbers correctly, for ordering numbers correctly and even for finding '1 more' and '1 less' than a given number.


When working with a number track it is good to pretend to be a frog as we 'hop' from one number to the next. It is important that we touch each number with our finger as we land on it so we don't miss any out or jump over more than one at once.


It is important to remember which direction to jump on the number track. Children in Christies are very good at 'jumping' forwards to make a number bigger or to find '1 more than'. 


When finding '1less than' we must remember to 'jump' backwards to make the number smaller.


Please ask your child to use the number tracks below and have a go at finding 1 less than the following numbers...


2    5   8   10   13   19