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This week in maths we will be exploring weight. By the end of their Reception year children should be able to use everyday language to talk about what something weighs. 


We will be introducing vocabulary such as light, lighter, heavy and heavier. It is not necessary for children in reception to use units of measurement such as grams/kilograms to weigh different items. We will be using these new words alongside other size vocabulary that they already know such as big, bigger, small, smaller.


Today's challenge...


Please ask your child to hold their favourite toy. What does it feel like? Is it heavy? Can they lift it up easily? Now ask them to find a second household object to compare with the toy - is this item heavier (weighs more) or lighter (weighs less) than the first one? How do they know?


Can they position their hands like a set of scales (the tools we can use to measure weight) and hold one item in each hand to make comparison easier.


Repeat this challenge with items of different weight. What is the heaviest thing they can find? What is the lightest? Can they find two things that weigh about the same?

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