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Today we will focus on the 1p coin.


Please explain to your child that a penny has the smallest value. When we want to buy something worth more than 1p (1 pence) we can count out the correct amount of 1p coins for that item. For example a sweet worth 5p would be five 1p coins.


If you have some 1p coins at home you could ask your child to count them out. Remember to keep numbers small - under 10p or 20p at the most!


Can they use 1p coins to count out 2p? 5p? 7p?


Look at the ice creams below - Ask them to use their finger to count the 1p coins next to each one to see how much they cost. Please encourage your child to count slowly and touch each coin as they count - this 1:1 correspondence will help to make sure they count accurately and don't miss any coins out.