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Today you are to just focus on clue 2.

Clue 2 asks you to find a path through the maze by colouring the correct fraction and decimal equivalents. Remember equivalent is just a fancy way of saying equal in value or amount. The path has to be a direct link/path from the ‘start’ to any of the 5 options in bold along the bottom. However, just to trick you, there are some boxes you will colour in that do not create a link/path from the ‘start’.

Picture 1

So if I were you, I would go along the top boxes first and see if the fraction and the decimal are equivalent. If it is, colour it in. If it isn’t, don’t colour it in.


e.g. ¼ = 0.4 isn’t correct. You know that ¼ = 0.25


Think back to when we’ve done this in class. There are some videos and a poster below that will also help refresh your memory.

Fractions and their decimals

Fractions and their decimals 1

Recognise tenths and hundredths

Recognise and write decimal equivalents of tenths, hundredths