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This week we are going to take a quick break from the Maths - No Problem books. We will come back to them soon so don’t misplace them or start to complete tasks that haven’t been set.

I would like you to look in your pack and find The Mystery of the Missing Horse.  


Last Thursday was St George’s Day and in honour of that, we are going to do some Maths based on that theme.

Picture 1

Now George has lost his horse! This is SERIOUS stuff Hamiltons! Throughout the week you will need to solve a variety of mathematical calculations to find out which party guest helped George reunite with his beloved horse. Oh… and the horse is hungry… apparently.


Now the page below is important and you need it to help you solve the mystery of who helped find George’s horse. Whatever you do, DO NOT lose that page. If we ever want to fulfil our destiny and become the heroes we can be, we must solve this mystery and help George. George, who is brave enough to slay a dragon but clumsy enough to lose his horse.

Picture 1
Today you are to just focus on clue 1. Clue 1 asks you to round decimals to the nearest tenth. Think back to when we’ve done this in class. You can put your answers on the sheet. 
Picture 1

Round decimals to the nearest tenth

Picture 1