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Girls Football 20.5.14

Girls Football Tournament


The girls came second in the annual Crompton House girls tournament. If you consider that we only had five players a fortnight ago, this was an incredible achievement. We were unbeaten in 5 of our 6 matches and would have taken the tournament if we hadn't run out of steam in the final game. Cara made some brilliant saves in net. Megan, Ella, Katie and Georgia put in some fantastic tackles. Caitlin battled hard up front. Ellie-Kate and Courtney finally realised they could be great footballers if only they'd listen to what the experts say! And finally, a special mention for Grace in Year 4 who was absolutely awesome against girls two years older than her and will be a brilliant footballer as she gets older. Well done girls. We're really proud of you and thank you for a happy and enjoyable afternoon.

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