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Good Morning Redgraves


Today is our last day of home learning for two weeks as we are all having our Easter break. 


To conclude our learning on books by the same author, I would like you to compare the two books we have looked at over the last two weeks.  We have done this in class before, it's when we split the page in two with a line and look at the similarity and differences with the two books.  


For example they both have a character that is a boy but in The Tunnel there is also a young girl.  Where are they set?  Are the characters the same? etc..


To conclude your learning I would like you to think of your favourite Anthony Browne book overhaul and tell me why that is your favourite. 



For Reading today I have set you a comprehension on Education City comparing texts. Remember if you have forgotten your login details just contact me and I will send them to you.