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Good Morning Redgraves


How did the character descriptions go yesterday?  Did you add lots of adjectives to paint a picture with your words?



Today I thought it would be nice to write a list of worries that you would like to share with your Worry Doll in your exercise book.  I have attached a helpful video from BBC Bitesize as a reminder of using commas in a list as I would like you to use these in your writing.  


For example

Dear Worry Doll (not named mine yet)

Today I have been worrying about lots of things.  My worries were manly about my lost shoes, my home learning and not being late for Joe Wicks' exercise class.


I have lost my blue shoes somewhere in the house they could be in the garage, living room or the bedroom but mum will go mad if I don't find them.


My home learning is fun but I am worried that I am not seeing my friends, playing outside and that my teacher is missing me.


Today I was very comfortable, cosy and relaxed in my bed and then remembered that Joe Wicks was starting at 9.30.  It was 10.00 and I had missed it, what if that happens again tomorrow?



I would like you to try and log in to Phonics Play and play Buried Treasure, Phase 5.  I have attached the login details below.