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It's complex sentence time!

That's right, today I would like you to write me different complex sentences using 'who' or 'which'. 

What is a complex sentence I hear somebody ask? A complex sentence is a sentence made up of more than one clause e.g. a main clause (makes sense on its own) and a subordinating clause (doesn't make sense on its own). 

For example:

Mrs McKenna, who is missing Year 4, has just finished eating the chocolate cake.


Mr McKenna, who promised to empty the dishwasher, was looking for the chocolate cake.


Rushcroft Primary School, which is in Shaw, is very quiet at the moment. 


Rainforests, which are suffering from deforestation, are home to millions of plants and animals. 


Main clause = in black.

Subordinating clause = in red.

Commas = go around the subordinating clause. 


I would like you to look at the pictures below and write a which and/or who sentence for each one. Please write your sentences in your exercise book.

P.S. If you want to look back at all our photos, go onto our class page. There are sooooooooo many! laugh


Using this weeks spellings, I would like you to draw a picture with words. Below is an example but obviously, you would use your weekly spellings to draw the picture.