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Please find this task in your home learning pack.


Picture 1

When answering this question try to use 'and' to join your ideas/sentences together. Remember to use capital letters, spaces between words and full stops. 



A slimy alien saw a long yellow banana. He zapped it with his magic pen and then it got longer and longer. 



Please complete the 'Phase 5 real and nonsense words for ir' sheet in your home learning pack.


Challenge: If you complete this and would like an extra challenge please log into using the details below. Please then access games from phase 3-5. 


Username: march20

Password: home


If you are accessing this site from a phone/tablet please use the site: with the same login details as above.


Remember just to try your best and if you are unsure about it, you will be able to get in touch via our email system.