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The Tunnel by Anthony Browne (approved school text year 3)

Let me read you a story! An approved book by Anthony Browne- The Tunnel is a lovely story about a brother and sister who are not alike. They discover a tunne...

Good Morning Redgraves


How did you get on with the beginning of your story yesterday?  Did you include yourself in your story?  


Today I would like you to write the middle of a story.  Remember this will be where you will build up to a problem and tell the reader about the problem but don't add the solution save that until the end piece.  Use the success criteria from yesterday to help you and try to get the suffixes in this part, maybe using them as adjectives.  For example, Rose crawled through the darkness to get to her brother. 


I would love to read your stories and if you would like me to read them ask a grown up to e-mail it to me, I promise I will answer.


Missing you all 


Mrs Clarke