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In our learning in class on Friday, we planned our own report all about the Mayans! You can use your plan, which is inside your red folder, or your own knowledge from our learning about the Mayans.


Today I would like you to choose a title and write an introduction to your report. You can write this into your blue exercise book!



-an introduction will introduce what your report is about, and will need to include interesting facts to encourage your reader to continue reading your report!

-you will start your report with a title


Also think about including writing features such as

-different sentence openers

-relative clauses 

-parenthesis (brackets, dashes, commas)
-rhetorical questions- did you know...?


Remember to use your best handwriting and clearly set out your paragraphs! 


Good luck in your first home learning task- remember just to try your best and if you are unsure about it you will be able to get in touch via our email system!


Take care everyone :)