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For your child's English learning for the next few days I would like them to write their own lockdown diary like Kipper did in his story yesterday.


I'm sure they have been up to lots of interesting things while staying at home so it would be great to record them in their own words.


Please ask your child to discuss with you what they have done each day. Can they put their ideas in a simple sentence to write down? Maybe they would like to draw a colourful picture to go alongside the activities each day.


For example



I played in the garden.

I saw a big bee.

I had chips for tea.


When writing sentences remember to encourage your child to count the words they are going to use so they don't miss any when they write. We use a capital letter at the beginning on a sentence and a full stop at the end. Remember to sit letters on the line and don't forget finger-spaces.



Picture 1