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I would like your child to revisit 'Tadpole's Promise' story by Jeanne Willis from last week (link below).

Can they tell you what happens in the story?

What happens in the beginning, the middle and the end?

Why does caterpillar call the tadpole her 'black pearl'?

Why does the tadpole call the caterpillar 'rainbow'?

What happens to the butterfly at the end?

Did you expect that to happen?


Last week we looked in detail at the life cycle of a frog - I loved seeing all the fantastic posters you sent in via email - Well done Christies - they were fab!


This week we are going to look at the life cycle of a butterfly. Below is some images that are all mixed up. Can your child discuss with you what happens in the life cycle of a butterfly. I would particularly like them to use the time openers first, then, next, finally.


Can they say a full sentence for each picture starting with these special time opener words? (Tomorrow we will have a go at writing these sentences ourselves).

Story Time: TADPOLE'S PROMISE by Jeanne Willis (EYFS, KS1)

Picture 1
Picture 2