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This week we are going to be looking at writing instructions. Can you name any instructions you have followed recently? I bet you bakers out there may have followed a recipe? Today I would like you to read the instructions below, search for the features of the text and then list the features in your exercise book. 

How to Get to Starshine City


Have you ever dreamt of visiting the magical city of Starshine? This enchanting world promises to amaze you and is definitely worth a visit. Read on to discover how to access the portal that will lead you to this magnificent secret world, which is full of wonder and excitement.


You will need:

the light of a full moon

a flute or whistle

a spade

a notepad and pen

five glass pebbles

the secret password (from Gabriel the Gnome)


What to do:

1. By the light of a full moon, travel to the bottom of your garden and call out, ‘Open the portal’.

2. Listen for the hooting tune of the portal owl then use the flute or whistle to repeat it back exactly as heard.

3. After precisely one minute, a small portal door will appear in the hedge to your right. Step through the door and shut it behind you.

4. Close your eyes and slowly spin around three times anticlockwise.

5. When you have finished the last spin, open your eyes and step out of the portal. You will find yourself in a strange moonlit forest.

6. Look for the leafless oak tree, then use the spade to dig a hole at the base of the tree where the moss is a darker shade of green.

7. Feel around in the hole to find a metal lever. Turn the lever to the left until the trunk of the tree splits open to reveal a spiral staircase leading underground.

8. Go down one hundred steps until you reach a door marked ‘The Gnomes’ House’. Then, rap on the door three times and call for ‘Gabriel Sneezle’.

9. When Gabriel answers the door (you will recognise him by his magnificent white, curly beard), ask him for the secret password and pay him with the glass pebbles. Record the password in the notebook.

10. Continue down the spiral staircase to the very bottom where you will find yourself standing on a smooth slate slab. Trace the password with your finger across the slab then count back slowly from ten to one.

11. With a flash and a bang, the slate beneath your feet will disappear and you will find yourself whizzing down a chute flooded with sparkling light directly into Starshine City.


When you arrive, don’t forget to take lots of photographs, buy one or two souvenirs and make time to say hello to the quirky, local residents. Have fun! You are certain to remember your visit to Starshine City forever.

Here are some features of text to look out for:

  • title
  • sub-headings
  • introduction
  • list of what you need
  • chronological order
  • imperative verbs
  • bullet points or numbered steps
  • conclusion


Please find your ‘Statutory Spelling List Y3 & Y4 Activity Book’ in your packs. It should look like this:

Today, please find and complete pages 4 and 9.


I would like you to complete a 60 second read titled ‘Gary’s Big Adventure'. You will find this in your pack. Please read the text and identify the key information to answer each question.