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For today's English learning I would like your child to use their research from yesterday about plants to create a simple leaflet explaining what a plant needs to grow.


They might want to start by adding a colourful picture of some plants? Maybe they can draw the sunflower seed from 'The Tiny Seed' story?


I would like them to write some sentences on their poster to explain to Jill the gardener what a plant needs. For example


A plant needs sun.

It must have air.


If they want to make their poster even more informative they could include the steps involved with planting a seed that they sequenced last week.


Please remind them to write their letters on a line, use finger spaces between the words and 'finger tell' the sentence first to count how many words they needs. They can look at their phonics mat to help them with spellings if needed.


Extra Challenge - Can they include a word with each of this week's new phonics sounds in - v and j?


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3