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The Hodgeheg


Over the last two days I have asked you to begin listening to the story of The Hodgeheg.  I hope you are enjoying it so far.  Today I would like you firstly, to listen again to the first two chapter and then answer the questions below in your exercise book.


1. What information did you find out in the opening sentence of the book?

2. How is this information linked to the problem in the story?

3. Which characters did you meet in the first two chapters?

4. What time of day does Max slip out of his home?

5. Why does Max consider going home in chapter 2?


I have also attached a copy of the book below but I will continue to read the book to you, the videos are in the Folder called The Hodgeheg on this weeks page. 

The Hodgeheg


Finally, to conclude our English learning today I would like you to listen to chapter three of the book.