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Editing Writing year 2

In this movie, we learn about how to edit our writing! We look at grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. TEACHERS! For accompanying writing reso...

Editing and Improving

Yesterday I asked you to draft your non-chronological report, how did you get on?  Did you use sub-heading and include lots of facts?


Today I would like you to watch the video above and then use the tips that you pick up from it to edit and improve your report.  We have done this lots in class so you should have no problems making your writing EVEN better. 


Don't forget to use the success criteria to help you.  Once you have done your report why don't you send it to me and I will included it in this weeks learning for everyone to admire. 


Finally I would like to read to you chapter two of The Hodgeheg. 

You will find the video on the previous page below the days of the week.