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Non-Chronological Report

Non-Chronological Report 1


To start your learning today I would like you to do a spelling test with your grown-up at home.  Look at and practice the words below before having a little test with your adult. 

These are all words we should know by the end of year two. 


children              whole

every                  father

prove                  climb

    pretty                clothes

should                people

Headings & Sub headings: What are they?

A helpful guide for spotting headings and sub-headings.

Non-Chronological Reports

On Friday I asked you to plan your report using the information you had already collected about rainforests and adding a little more that you researched on Friday.  

Today, I would like you to investigate using heading and sub-heading as these are an important feature of a non-fiction piece of writing. 

Please watch the video above and once you have done this I would like you to draft write your sub-heading paragraphs for your report in your exercise books. 

Don't forget to use the success criteria to help you. 



Success Criteria

Success Criteria 1