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Monday is PHONICS fun day!


Christies class are excellent at recognising all of their phase 2 phonics sounds. We use our robot arms to segment and blend the sounds in each word as we read and write simple sentences.


Attached below is a phase 2 sound mat and our favourite phonics song to recap all the sounds we know - Please ask your child to look at these regularly to keep the phonemes (letter sounds) fresh in their mind. Don't forget to do the actions! Can they think of a word that starts with each of the sounds? Can they think of a sentence using that word?


Here are some sentences for your child to read using what they know about phase 2 phonics...


The cat sat on the red mat.

Bob had a big black box.

A pen is in the tin.


From next week we will start to look at the phase 3 sounds - learning some new sounds each week! Exciting!

Picture 1

Jolly Phonics Phase Two