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I have set you a reading comprehension to complete on Education City (picture below).  If you are having any problems login in please get in touch so that I can sort it out for you.  

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How to write reports with BBC Sport | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Suitable for 5-14s. Sports journalist Sonali Shah explains how to write an engaging non-chronological sports report. From a series of BBC clips teaching key ...

Non-Chronological Report

Yesterday I asked you to look at the report I attached about the Antarctic, what did you notice?  Did you spot a title?  Or find an introduction?

Today I would like you to watch the clip above to help you get a good idea of what to include in a non-chronological report.  I will give you a success criteria tomorrow but for today learning, I would like you to work on your sub-headings, gathering facts to include in your report. 

The heading I would like you to include are as follows;

Rainforest Layers



By the end of your English learning today you should have a bank of facts about the rainforest, in simple sentences so that you can use them when you start to put together your report.