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Let's warm up!

I have set you the English starter below on Education City.

It was lovely to see that 6 of you managed to get 100% on yesterday's starter. 

Well Done!  

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Gathering Information and Making Notes.

Today I would like you to start gathering information for your Non-chronological report.  I have attached a video below all about the features of different animals.  For today's learning I would like you to make notes about those features and the habitats that best suits the different type of animals.  


As a challenge I would also like you to think about which animals would be in each layer of the rainforest from your research in Topic yesterday. 

For example a parrot would survive best in the canopy layer. 


Make these notes in your exercise book as you will need them later in the week.

Identifying animals as birds, reptiles or mammals | BBC Teach

Science monkey superhero Dr Brain and a team of young scientists look into the different features of animals. All animals can be put into groups based on the...

To complete our learning today I would like you to have a look at a non-chronological report.  (Document below)

What do you notice?

 What punctuation is used?

 What type of vocabulary is in the report?

 What does it tell us?