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Using your ideas from yesterday to help you, today I would like you to write a setting description. Scroll down to find an example and a word bank. Please write this in your exercise book.

You can include:

  • fronted adverbials
  • adjectives
  • commas in a list
  • which/who sentences
  • possessive apostrophes
  • similes



I am going to call on real life experiences to help me write something exciting and authentic but I will also invent some detail. I am going to imagine that I am actually there and that I’m alone in the forest. Remember, you can use your imaginations and alter details. 


As I made my way into the forest, I could see dark, twisted trees and a layer of soft, white mist covering the path. Starlight flickered through the trees like glitter. In the distance I could hear a lone wolf howling at the bright moon and the dry twigs cracked and rustled beneath my feet as I crept along. The icy wind swept across my face, stinging my cheeks. The smell of rotting leaves filled my nostrils but I pushed myself further into the darkness. Turning around, I caught a glimpse of something ominous moving towards me. I need to show my reaction. I could say ‘ I felt scared’, but that would ‘tell’ the reader the answer and not make them think for themselves. It's time for some 'show, don't tell'. I will reread what I have written first as this will help me to write the next sentence. I froze, still, silent like a statue. I was paralysed with fear. Through a small gap in the flickering leaves, two dull, piercing eyes emerged followed by a gaping mouth full of teeth that jutted out like yellow pegs of evil! Before I had time to spin and flee, the furious beast came charging through foliage like a steam train. Smashing and bursting the trees, which splintered due to the strength of this vile being, the creature took its first lunge towards me. Like a clamp, its jaws came chomping down around my bag and lifted me high up into the air. Fortunately, as quick as a flash, I grasped hold of the fastening and sprang it open causing me to escape from the monster’s raging mouth. As I landed onto the damp, saturated ground, I took a forward roll which removed me from the immediate danger of being stamped on. However, the disorientated beast was only temporarily distracted.


Your spellings this week are:






Look at the spellings for this week and write your spellings in dots, then trace over the word. If you have someone working with you, they could trace over the dots for you.


I would like you to complete a 60 second read titled 'Live like an Emperor!'. You will find this in your pack. Please read the text and identify the key information to answer each question.