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Please look in your pack and find Photo 3. I would like you to use this as a plan for tomorrow's learning. Tomorrow you are going to write a setting description but for today, I would like you to use your senses to generate some interesting vocabulary.

Imagine you are in a wood/forest. You can decide if it's a dark and scary wood, an enchanted forest or whatever else your wonderful imagination can create. Using all 5 senses, please describe what you would see, hear, smell, taste and touch (I know the sheet only focuses on see and hear but you can edit the headings like in the picture below). 

If you are struggling to imagine a forest scene just using the picture, here is a video to help.

Woodland Ambiance

Use the link below if you wish to use a thesaurus.


Your spellings this week are:






To revise your spellings today, I would like you to play 'Toss A Word'! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of playing this thrilling game before, I will explain how it works.

1. A word from your spelling list gets chosen. You can decide who picks the word.

2. The person who starts has a ball (or whatever you have available) and they say the first letter of the chosen word.

3. They then throw the ball to the next person, who has to shout out the next letter of the word and so on until the word is complete.

If there are enough people, we sometimes have a scribe. This person notes down the letters as they are shouted so the players can see the letters and visualise the word.

CAUTION: Do not throw your mother's favourite ornament or break any windows. I will not accept any responsibility for thislaugh. Check with your adult first before playing this game. 


In your packs, you have a plastic wallet labelled 'handwriting'. I would like you to write out the words and sentences on unit 6, page 7 in your exercise books. I have attached a photograph below in case the sheet is missing from your pack. Look carefully at the letter formation and at which letters are joined. 

Warm Up

Still image for this video