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Last week you looked at using coordinating conjucntions in your writing. Well today I would like you to look at another type of conjunction. Yes, you guessed it! Today please focus on using subordinating conjunctions to extend your sentences.

Now in case some of you have forgotten, I have included a quick video below about what subordinating conjunctions are. 

Remember, subordinating conjunctions can be used in the middle of a sentence to join two clauses together but they can also be used at the start of a sentence too. However, if you use one at the start, you MUST remember to use a comma


Since Cristiano Ronaldo is from Madeira, Mrs McKenna is learning to speak Portuguese.


After Harrison told a joke, everybody laughed. 


Before Tyler had chance to eat the last slice of cake, Jack beat him to it. 


When the motorsport racing starts up again, I predict Archie will be watching. 


Because Starr cannot attend choir, she is practicing at home with her brother.


If she could be any animal, I think Isabel would choose to be an owl.  

Please write 10 sentences using different subordinating conjunctions in each (see above). Try to use some subordinating conjunctions in the middle of your sentences and some at the start. Mix it up! Variety is the spice of life! Have fun with it.


Your spellings this week are:






I would like you to play 'Scrabble Letters' but it might take some preparation. You don't mind that though, right? You're all amazing!

Find the letters you need to spell your words and then mix them up in the bag. If you don’t have scrabble tiles, write the letters you need to spell all the words on pieces of paper. Get your parents (or someone you trust with a timer) to time you unscrambling your letters.

Maybe then get your parent or family members to do it too. Who has the quickest time?



In your packs, you have a plastic wallet labelled 'handwriting'. I would like you to write out the words and sentences on unit 4, page 5 in your exercise books. I have attached a photograph below in case the sheet is missing from your pack. Look carefully at the letter formation and at which letters are joined. 

Handwriting Warm Up

Still image for this video