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Dinosaur discovery

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Welcome back to the Spring Term in Year 1 .

We have now begun our new topic entitled Dinosaur discovery. We have been thinking about the fossilised skeletons of dinosaurs that have been discovered around the world.

We have looked very carefully at the dinosaurs' teeth . This has led us to think about the types of food the dinosaurs ate millions of years ago. We have thought about dinosaurs which were carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. The children used plasticene with Miss Tammi to make simple dinosaur models. 

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We have noticed that often, the dinosaurs which were carnivores walked or ran on two legs. Often the dinosaurs which were herbivores walked on four legs 
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We have continued out Dinosaur discovery topic by looking at the life of a famous paleontologist from the 19th century called Mary Anning. We used a story map to write about her life .