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Compulsory uniform requirements

School uniform is compulsory and all children must wear it, this  also includes PE kits. School uniforms are sold online at My or at Topform (Oldham Retailer). We do have a small amount of uniform available for your child to try on so you can be sure you are ordering the correct size.


School Uniform is:

* Grey school trousers or skirt

* White shirt, blouse or polo shirt

* Red jumper or cardigan with or without the school logo

* Plain black school shoes (no boots)

* White, grey or red socks or tights

* Black PE shorts or jogging

* Red, white or black sleeved PE t-shirt


Optional: Red  & white checked dress in summer/school fleece


Jewellery and nail varnish are not allowed in school. Children may wear a watch and if they have pierced ears they may wear studs.  Any unsuitable earrings will be removed in the interests of safety. We ask that all children with long hair- male or female, tie their hair back. This is to avoid the spread of head lice and to  minimise any risks when playing out or doing PE. Extreme hairstyles, such as shaved patterns, spikes or extreme hair colours, are not allowed. Children who arrive in school with inappropriate hairstyles will be sent home and asked to rectify it before they return. Smartwatches are not allowed.