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Welcome to Reception


Welcome to Reception


Since first arriving at school, all of the children in Reception class have been getting used to all the different routines that come with being in a new class. They have been working hard to learn and follow the rules and expectations of the school, and have been meeting and getting to know all the different adults who help them each day.


Getting used to a new classroom, a new school, new friends or new teachers can be very overwhelming, and the children in Reception have had to deal with all of these new things at once. I am very pleased with the way the children have met all of these new challenges and I am happy to say that all the children have done a fantastic job of settling in to their new environment.


In Reception class, the children do lots of learning through their own play, where they can pursue their own interests and develop new ones. Adults are often found observing the children and their play, identifying how to help children develop their play and understanding and take their next steps towards the different age-related goals and milestones. If you are not familiar with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, I have attached some information about it below. This document explains what the main areas of learning are, and what to look for dependent on your child's age. It also includes some ideas about how to develop your child's understanding in each of these areas.


Finally, I have also uploaded some photographs of the children engaging in various different activities. As you can see, it has been a busy few weeks in Reception class.






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