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The Odd Egg in Year 1

This week in Year 1 we have been thinking about families.

We have talked about a special book that we read called "The Odd Egg"

It is all about Daddy duck who couldn't lay his own egg.

He was sad until he found an egg and decided to take it home and look after it.

When the odd egg hatched it wasn't a duck like the Daddy.

The other birds laughed at him because his hatchling did not look like him.

Year 1 were very disapproving of these birds and said that they should not be so rude. 


The Odd Egg

The Odd Egg as "read" by Tysha (aged 3)

Picture 1
The children had to write a speech bubble to record Daddy duck's response to the new "baby"
Picture 1
We really enjoyed the story together and I felt particularly proud of the children's positive reaction to Daddy duck's different family. As on child said, " it doesn't matter what his baby is like because they love each other , so who cares?" I fully agree!!! Well Done Year 1!
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